Espen Z – Troop 665

Espen Z – Troop 665

Espen Z. from Troop 665 completed his Eagle project on June 20th. The City of Phoenix assigned him three tunnels under the road at Greenway Parkway just east of 19th Ave. There was a lot of graffiti and trash in the tunnels.

He wrangled 28 volunteers and they started early in the morning although the temperatures in the tunnels was cooler than outside. Espen organized the volunteers between the tunnels and constantly checked in with everyone to see how they were doing and if they needed anything. He created a cooling station situated at the entrance to the middle tunnel with chairs, water, popsicles, and donuts.

After the graffiti was all covered, they cleaned up the paint supplies and then went the extra mile to pick up the trash. The volunteers worked hard, and were finished in two hours. The tunnels looked much better afterward.

Espen has shown good planning, development and leadership in his project. Eagles like him are a doing a great service to our community, his troop and Scouting in general.

– Bob Dornic